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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Dear Rocky-

I have a few questions: Where was FEMME FATALE RECORDS founded? Where will THE ONE EYED CATS perform next? And will FEMME FATALE RECORDS have a promotional van in the near future? I love what FEMME FATALE RECORDS has done with all of the photos, action, and excitement on this site showing what THE ONE EYED CATS bring to the table where ever they play! Rock on!


- A.J.

Dear A.J.,

Thanks for your letter - a lot of good questions there! I'll try to answer them one by one, but I'll keep it brief as I feel a catnap coming on!

First, Femme Fatale Records was grown and expanded greatly over the past several months, but actually it was founded on the way to the litter box. You see, I was sleeping on top of an pile of old detective magazines my people had stacked on the shelf one night,
  when I woke up at 2:00AM to go to the sand box, but on the way down the basement stairs I slipped and started rolling down them two at a time (hard to see in the dark with just one eye!). I crashed into a box of old rock n' roll records that were stacked at the bottom of the stairs on top of an old record player; while laying there under all those 45s, I said to myself, "Gee Rocky, you Rolled!", and for some reason an image from one of the detective magazines I had been sleeping on with the title "The Dangerous Blonde" flashed in my head. Putting it all together, the idea of forming Femme Fatale Records came to me! After completing my duties in the litter box, I woke my people up and the rest is history.

As to where the One Eyed Cats will be performing next, check back to the website often as it has the latest information as to all the upcoming
shows the band will be at. I have to say, I have a scientific way of selecting venues, as I ask my people to flip the pages of a phone book and I randomly put my paw in, and we choose one of the sites on the page I select. Of course, it's not 100% accurate, as one time my Paw In The Phone Book method picked a janitorial supply company to have a show (I won't repeat what they said when my people called them...)

As for a van, we're always looking forward with any ideas, and may have a van at some point in the future, but for now we all just pile into each
other's cars like clowns at the circus to get to shows! Not always comfortable, but we always arrive on time, and beats hitchhiking which I tried one time (I recall putting my paw out and being picked up by someone, and later waking up behind a cheap hotel somewhere in Elk County covered in taco sauce, but nothing in between, so that ended my hitchhiking days!). But if we do get a van we'll post it on the website pronto!

Thanks for you questions and hope to see you at a show soon, A.J.!!

Time for a catnap now,