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Thursday, August 29, 2013



THE ONE EYED CATS blues harp player Early A King$ has chosen FEEL SO GOOD by DR. ISAIAH ROSS "THE HARMONICA BOSS" as his favorite blues harp song for August. You can check it out by clicking HERE!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Once again FEMME FATALE RECORDS proudly presents....


This time THE ONE EYED CATS' Steve Nolte reviews the 1975 classic superhero flick Infra-Man!

Before watching Infra-Man:
I just saw the trailer for Infra-Man. There are really no words that can describe the villain monsters! Infra-man was made in 1975 and reminds me of Godzilla & Gamera & Johnny Socko's Giant Robot.
I loved Japanese monster movies when I was a kid (and I still do) and I'm assuming Toho created Infra-Man (but I haven't confirmed it). I do know that Infra-Man is available on Epix On Demand. I also know that my wife is going to love watching it tonight during dinner. lol!
After watching Infra-Man:
While watching last night I realized I was wrong in my guess that it was a Japanese film. There's a lot of kung fu. It turns out that Infra-Man was made in Hong Kong.
My wife laughed at the Spider/crab monster and motorcycle costumes. I think she gave it a full ten minutes of viewing. lol!
I was surprised to find this review from Roger Ebert in Wikipedia:
"Roger Ebert, on his March 7, 1976 review for the Chicago Sun-Times, gave the film two and a half stars out of four, concluding 'The movie even looks good: It's a classy, slick production by the Shaw Brothers, the Hong Kong kung fu kings. When they stop making movies like Infra-Man, a little light will go out of the world.'"
I give Infra-Man the same two and a half stars Roger Ebert gave it based on the ridiculous costumes. Maybe someday there will be an Infra-Man full cast reunion at the Monster Bash convention. To watch the trailer for Infra-Man just click HERE!


Monday, August 19, 2013

We'd like to thank our friends at South Beach Perfumes for all their help with our charitable efforts.

South Beach Perfumes aids those in need with their "Blessing Others" campaigns, and we'd like to return the favor by letting everyone know that they can visit South Beach Perfumes' fun and informative new blog just by clicking this link http://sbperfumes.blogspot.com/.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The FEMME FATALE RECORDS 2014 CALENDAR was a hit at this year's Monster Bash!

All proceeds go to help a child with special needs and we are almost entirely sold out! Thanks to everyone whose efforts helped make the calendar such a success!