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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here at FEMME FATALE RECORDS we are very excited about the ongoing restoration of the historic Landsdowne Theater in Landsdowne, PA.

The Landsdowne Theater opened in 1927 and was closed in 1987 after it was damaged by a fire. The theater's marquee has remained dark since it was closed, but on October 5, 2012, the restored marquee was relit! Members of the FEMME FATALE RECORDS family were thrilled to attend the relighting ceremony, tour the theater, take pictures, and they even spotted a reel of a film by cult director Jess Franco in the projection booth! For more info about the historic Landsdowne Theater, or to support the restoration of the theater, please click on the following links:




  1. The tour of the theater must have been really fun!

  2. That is such a beautiful theater and it's very exciting that they are trying to reopen it. The old theaters have so much history and character and people today that never had an opportunity to experience it in their youth, have truly missed out! The good thing is that across the country, little by little, people are feeling very nostalgic for the things of their past and are trying to revive it! We even have a local Drive-In theater that is trying to do the same thing. Very exciting times indeed!

  3. Hopefuly they will do something similar like Phoenixville, where they will not only show classic and current films, but also concerts. The acoustics in these old theaters are like no other.