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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He’s back! After a festive holiday season of celebrating, FEMME FATALE RECORDS’ mascot Rocky the one eyed cat is once again bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to answer...


Dear Rocky,
You’re HOT!
Wanna go out for catnip sometime?
Write me back!

Dear Victoria,
Yes, I am kind of hot right now, as my thick fur coat for the winter has grown in, and I have a space heater going next to me here - you must have ESP to have known all that!
We can go out sometime, but you’ll have to do the catnip on you own, as Rocky just says no to catnip! You see, I used to be a major consumer of catnip, until it nearly took over my life and I had to go to rehab to get off of it - I’ve been nip-free for the last two years!
So I have nothing against catnip, but old Rocky will just pass on it these days. However, there’s all sorts of stuff we can do, so just send word back to me if you’re ever at a One-Eyed Cats show, and we’ll make an evening of it.
BTW you’re not that same Victoria who I found hiding in my closet at the Purr-Purr Motel when we played in the Catskills last year are you?
As I said then, talk to our manager Mr. Bishop first if you want to meet the big Rocko!
But thanks for writing Victoria, and also BTW, what’s your Secret?
Warmest Regards,

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