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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Once again FEMME FATALE RECORDS proudly presents....


This time THE ONE EYED CATS' Steve Nolte reviews the 1985 flick THE NEW KIDS!

Have you ever found yourself channel surfing and come across a B horror movie and said to yourself “how bad can this be?” and the movie turns out to be a great film? This is not that film, but there is a great moral to the story.

THE NEW KIDS stars Lori Loughlin (Remember Full House and Olsen Twins?) and James Spader (NBC Blacklist) and Eric Stolz (You know The Mask kid). It was directed by Sean Cunningham. Cunningham directed The Original Friday The 13th.

The story involves a teenage brother and sister, Abby and Loren, (Yeah, I know, nice job with those names parents) whose parents get killed in fiery car crash. Their uncle from Florida decides to take them in, but they will need to move to Florida. Once there, it turns out that the uncle owns a gas station and the worst mini amusement park in Florida.

The brother and sister work for their uncle and attend local high school. Meeting new people and friends is hard, but they manage. Then they somehow piss off James Spader’s character. Spader is a punk who weighs about 120 lbs. wet in cement.
Don’t get me wrong, James Spader is a fine actor. He does play a good villain. Just not in this movie.
It turns out that James Spader’s character Dutra (I feel like I’m writing about another Godzilla movie with a monster with that name) is some kind of local pusher. For some reason he wants the brother and sister duo out of the way. Trouble escalates when Dutra’s Gang has a showdown with brother sister duo, a few of their pals, and the uncle. Needless to say there are some deaths and good old fashioned beatings.
SPOILER ALERT! We all know how it ends. Dutra’s punk younger brother is left to take his brother’s place.
The moral to this story is simple: It does not take a smart man to know that no good can come from moving to Florida. There's always some shady James Spader type character down there.
This leads me to a possible new segment here on the Femme Fatale Records Blog: It does not take a smart man to know.
In addition to Movie and Music Memories, I can share wisdom like: It does not take a smart man to know that Hormel Chili, chocolate ice cream and a long drive are not a good combination.
I had fun watching THE NEW KIDS and rate it a four out of five. 

1 comment:

  1. That movie sounds good, I will have to try to locate it on demand. Also, good advise about the chili and long drive, but what is the chocolate ice?